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tropicfeel shoes review
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Today we’re bringing another piece of sustainable travel gear to your attention: the Tropicfeel Canyon all-terrain sneaker!

When Tropicfeel got in touch with me, the timing was simultaneously excellent and terrible: I was just about to start my big Australia road trip and could really do with another pair of sneakers, but we were due to head off the following week and I was concerned that the shoes wouldn’t get to me in time.

Travel Gear

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve associated hammocks with camping. The campsite just isn’t complete without a hammock hanging in the trees, as far as I’m concerned!

In my adult years, I’ve owned a hammock that sadly hasn’t seen much use… mostly because I spent my 20’s living in a concrete jungle (though I did hang it in Hudson River Park a few times…), but also because that hammock was kind of a pain to hang up.

what to pack for beach
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If there’s one kind of packing list I can fashion with any sort of authority, it’s one highlighting what to pack for the beach.

I mean, I live in Bondi Beach – hell, I moved to Australia in the first place because of the beaches here.

best camera bag for travel
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I’ve tested out a number of bags on my perpetual quest to carry both my camera and my everyday essentials in one stylish and comfortable setup. Tote bag, messenger bag, backpack – I’m not too fussed on what type of camera bag it is, as long as it meets what I feel is a very reasonable list of requirements:

bondi beach blog

I have to admit, I’m a bit ambivalent about packing posts. I find them insanely boring to read when they pop up on my RSS feed or on a blog that I regularly follow, but super useful if I’m actually searching on Google for packing tips for an upcoming trip or hike I have planned.