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Real talk, guys: running this site is a really expensive endeavor. I spend about $900 a year just on web hosting – plus several hours each week writing blog posts, editing photos, sharing content and interacting on social media, and responding to comments and emails. It’s nearly a full time job in itself, except I don’t get paid to run this blog. I do it because it makes me happy, and because it helps and inspires YOU, my dear readers.

One of the most profound things I’ve learned in my years of traveling is that people love to help others. Some of my most memorable travel experiences have come as a result of people lending a hand, showing me something profoundly cool, giving me a ride or a homecooked meal. And in turn, I love to help out fellow travelers whenever I can, whether it’s giving them a place to crash or a customized travel itinerary. Travel karma is real!

That said, if you enjoy reading Frugal Frolicker and have gained something out of my posts – whether for entertainment’s sake or for practical travel advice – I’d be eternally grateful if you supported me in any way you feel able.

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