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I’m not sure exactly what percentage of the articles on this blog have to do with the beach, but knowing my affinity for the sea and obsession with swimwear, I wouldn’t be surprised if it were at least half of


If there’s anything I’ve learned in my 5+ years exploring Australia, it’s that places are SPREAD. OUT. My friends and I routinely go on weekend trips that require a 2-3 hour drive to reach. To get from the northernmost point


I can hardly believe that after 3 blissful years as a leaseholder in Bondi Beach, I’ve thrown in the towel and hit reset on my Australian life. Yep that’s right – I’m officially back to being a nomad! 3 years


You guys, I think I’ve started this thing where I use my birthday as an occasion to discover somewhere exceedingly cool and off the radar. Y’know… like exploring amazing places in nature that SHOULD be all over instagram but mercifully


This isn’t news to Sydneysiders, but did y’all know how good the hiking in Sydney is? It’s true. There are dozens of walking and hiking trails in Sydney and surrounds. And they’re so damn accessible that hiking Sydney just becomes

Annual Recap

Oh boy. 2019 was a bit of a doozy, let me just say. I had every intention of living a balanced year in which I’d make new friends and strengthen my bonds with my existing friends, go on copious adventures

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