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Hi there! I’m glad you’ve stumbled upon my little internet nook. This blog is a place for sharing travel adventures and igniting inspiration.

Make sure you head on over to the About page to learn more about me, my journey thusfar, and what this blog is all about.

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Frequently Covered Topics On This Blog

I focus on outdoor adventures and living a frugal & conscious lifestyle. Most of my blog posts revolve around these two main areas, with frequent focus on:

  • Hiking guides
  • Road Trips
  • Wine Tours
  • Beaches
  • Coffee
  • Street Art
  • The best views in ________
  • Traveling on the cheap
  • Monthly and annual roundups, in which I divulge my income, expenditure, and other highlights

Things You Won’t (Often) Find Covered On This Blog

I tip my hat to the travel bloggers who manage to cover all manner of travel-related topics on a near-daily basis to satisfy their wide-reaching audience. That definitely aint me. I’m just not interested in writing about topics that don’t appeal to me, such as:

  • Food & restaurants
  • Hotel reviews
  • Fashion
  • Packing lists (I’ve done a few and I’ll even admit to searching for them on Google when I’ve been planning certain trips, but my god they are boring to write)
  • Pubs, bars, or anything having to do with beer (which I categorically do not drink)
  • Winter sports and activities (I’m a sun chaser, not a snow bunny!)
  • Full guides to a city or country (I do occasionally create these, but only if I feel I’ve truly experienced the best of a place and have something unique to share about it that isn’t already covered in depth elsewhere online)

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