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gili meno beach

I’d been wanting to visit the Gili Islands for YEARS (like, over a decade) before I finally made it over there on my recent trip to Bali in December 2023.

In my mind, I was absolutely certain that Gili Air was my island; after all, it’s known as the “chill” island, or the *just right* option between Gili Trawangan (the “party” island) and Gili Meno (the “honeymoon” island).


One thing you quickly learn when traveling around third world countries is that they play by an entirely different set of rules than what you’re used to. Routine motions like going from A to B or making simple transactions can be frustrating enough to make you want to punch a durian.

Bali coconut

I realize that my choice of a blog name has somewhat pigeonholed me into a certain style of travel. Budget travel, backpacking, travel hacking, whatever you call it: I’ve always sacrificed luxury and comfort in the name of saving money and thus being able to travel more.