Road Trips Around The World

This post was last updated on 2024 April 13

In my opinion, the best way to experience a new place is by road tripping. Road trips give you optimal freedom to explore, and on your own timeframe. You can go wherever you want, whenever you want, when you have your own car. It’s just the best!

Road Trips I’ve Done




The Art Of Road Tripping

Here’s my typical road trip process:

  1. Book a flight to somewhere you’re dying to explore, or wherever you can find a really good airfare deal.
  2. Do some research on where you’re going so you know what’s there, but don’t plan out every single day of your road trip in advance – better to wait and see what you feel like doing each day as you go.
  3. Rent a car from either the airport you land at, or the city you land in.
  4. Stop off to buy some groceries/snacks for the drive.
  5. Start your road trip!

In terms of vehicles, you’ve got several options depending on your desired comfort level and style of travel. I’ve rented each of these before and feel like they all have their place.

  • Car – whether sedan or SUV, a car works if you plan on staying at Airbnbs or hotels along the way, or if you’re camping in a tent.
  • Campervan – a campervan is perfect for two travelers who don’t need much in terms of space or luxuries and are happy to camp every night of the road trip. I love campervans because you can get away with parking mostly anywhere overnight, they are extremely affordable, and there’s not much you need to do to get your bed set up at night. I’ve hired campervans from Jucy and Spaceships and loved my experiences with both.
  • RV – RVs are much larger vehicles and slightly more cumbersome to drive, but they’re worth it for the extra space and amenities included. RVs are self-contained and have a bathroom, kitchen, seating area, and at least one bed. They can be pretty pricey to rent, but you do get a lot for your money. I’ve rented an RV with Cruise America and had a fantastic experience.