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You wouldn’t think “Denmark” and “beach” would go together but, with 4000+ miles of coastline, the Danish peninsula and archipelago host numerous beaches fit for holiday-ing.

I visited the coastal town of Juelsminde in September, when the daily temperature had plummeted to the 50’s and the end of summer had ushered in the rain and wind.

cambridge england

In the 2.5 weeks I spent in London last summer, I managed to fit in a few day trips: to Greenwich, Brighton, and Cambridge.

I LOVED Cambridge. Loved! Straight off the train, I headed into town and into the courtyard of one of the colleges of Cambridge University and promptly lay down in the grass for a nap in the sun.


I can’t say that The Netherlands ranks as one of my favorite European countries I’ve visited, but… it has its charms.

Like the Cat Boat, De Poezenboot. It’s exactly as it sounds: a boat-turned-cat shelter, docked in a canal in Amsterdam.


Being based in South London during my 2.5 week stay last summer, I had plenty of time to get acquainted with this oft-overlooked neck of the London woods. True, it can be cumbersome to make the long trek into the city from this side of the Thames, but there’s plenty to love in Zones 3 and 4.

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