Lake Maggiore, Switzerland // FLASHBACK FRIDAY

This post was last updated on 2024 April 21

When you picture Switzerland, what comes to mind? Mountains. Snow. Skiing. CHEESE. Am I right?

My first trip to Switzerland in 2004 confirmed this preconception, as we spent a winter day in the ski town of St. Moritz. It was cold and snowy; there were mountains (and probably cheese). Not exactly my scene, but I could still appreciate the beauty of it.

4.5 years later, I returned to experience another side of Switzerland during summer. Lakes, boats, beach, sun – it hardly felt like the same country.

lake maggiore switzerland

In September of 2008, some European friends and I went camping in Ticino, a region in southern Switzerland just by the Italian border. We stayed by Lake Maggiore, a massive lake spanning both countries. It could not have been more different than my winter experience in the Swiss Alps. I could definitely get on board with summer in Switzerland!

lake maggiore