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Ah, Railay. I will always look back on my time spent in this climber’s beach paradise as one of the best weeks of my life. I got to do one of my favorite activities in the most beautiful of places, essentially honeymoon-style ;)

After meeting on the Maya Bay Sleep Aboard, I went back to Phuket with Hot Arms, and then he accompanied me to Railay.


There are over 1000 islands in Thailand. It’s no wonder I agonized over which ones to visit on my 2013 Asia trip!

One of my top priorities was to get myself to a not-so-touristy beach with bright white sand and bright blue water.

ko phi phi thailand

This was the last shot taken with my camera before it died. I suppose if you’re gonna die, Ko Phi Phi a pretty good place to go out, huh?


I’d hopped on an early morning ferry from Koh Lanta to Ko Phi Phi and had a few hours to kill on the island before my overnight trip to Maya Bay.


Picture this: a beachfront bungalow resort off the coast of Thailand, famed for its delicious mojitos and excellent cooking school, where lots of cats roam around the property and hang out on your porch.

koh lanta

After 2 months of tackling Nepal and India, I was more than ready to catapult myself to the Thai islands for some much-needed beach time. First stop: Koh Lanta!

I spent a week on Koh Lanta: the first half in the north, near Klong Dao and Long Beach; the second half in the south, at Kantiang Bay.