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how strict is jetstar with carry on baggage

Note: I know I said I’d never fly with Jetstar again, but I eventually calmed down and reasoned that maybe I had caught an employee on a bad day. The truth is, you can snag some incredible flight deals with Jetstar if you book during their sales or Frenzy Friday events.

Hill Inlet in the Whitsundays

I’ve been sloooooowly covering my Queensland trip from last month on the blog. In case you missed those posts or are fresh on the Frugal Frolicker train in 2015, here they are:

One really cool thing to note is that this was the first trip I took with a pretty sizable Instagram following.

Magnetic Island beaches

Most sensible people treat a beach holiday as an opportunity to relax on the beach – i.e. *a* beach, singular. One beach, max relaxation.

But, since the Eagles basically wrote the song “Learn To Be Still” for me without knowing it, it almost goes without saying that this is not how I do a beach vacation.