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After 2 months of tackling Nepal and India, I was more than ready to catapult myself to the Thai islands for some much-needed beach time. First stop: Koh Lanta!

I spent a week on Koh Lanta: the first half in the north, near Klong Dao and Long Beach; the second half in the south, at Kantiang Bay.


Of all the places I’d planned to visit on my 5-month journey through Asia, I was most excited about southern Thailand. I ended up spending nearly 3 weeks there in total, split between several islands and beaches – and I definitely could have spent MUCH more time island hopping there.


Of the 4 weekend days I’ve spent in Bangkok, I’ve gone to the Chatuchak Weekend Market on 3 of them:

  • First time – went for a ‘look-see’ to scope things out, sample the snacks, and take note of things I might want to buy next time (the idea being to return after my upcoming jaunt through Southern Thailand, so I wouldn’t have to carry around extra crap for those couple of weeks)
  • Second time – went with some boys and didn’t want to drag them along to do some girl shopping
  • Third time – went on my own to finally do said shopping!

After crossing 2 major bucket list* items off in Nepal and India (the EBC trek and Holi), how would Thailand stack up in terms of doing amazing, dream-achieving things?

Turns out, well – very VERY well, as future blog posts will reveal ;)

For starters: I’ve long been harboring this dream of someday experiencing an infinity pool.

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