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One thing you quickly learn when traveling around third world countries is that they play by an entirely different set of rules than what you’re used to. Routine motions like going from A to B or making simple transactions can be frustrating enough to make you want to punch a durian.

Bali coconut

I realize that my choice of a blog name has somewhat pigeonholed me into a certain style of travel. Budget travel, backpacking, travel hacking, whatever you call it: I’ve always sacrificed luxury and comfort in the name of saving money and thus being able to travel more.

Ubud rice fields

I was having doubts about Bali from inside my air-conditioned car as it comfortably shuttled me from the airport through Denpasar and up to Ubud (the 1.5 hour trip cost me US$22, mind you).

shanghai tower

Shanghai might not come to mind immediately when you think of adventure, but you’ll find several unique activities here to entertain locals and travelers alike. On your next trip to Shanghai, China, try these interesting urban adventures.

bhaktapur nepal

On one of my last days in Nepal last year, I took a day trip to Bhaktapur: a well-preserved medieval town not too far from Kathmandu. It marked my first time riding on a public bus in Asia as I was introduced to seats far too narrow to accommodate my average-sized American limbs, windows wide open and blowing all sorts of dirt and dust inside.

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