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Travel Gear

I’ve tested out a number of bags on my perpetual quest to carry both my camera and my everyday essentials in one stylish and comfortable setup. Tote bag, messenger bag, backpack – I’m not too fussed on what type of camera bag it is, as long as it meets what I feel is a very reasonable list of requirements:

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Venice wasn’t part of the plan when I crafted my itinerary for Italy, but when my Danish friends spontaneously decided to head there the day after we finished our stint in the Dolomites, I couldn’t resist tagging along.

Subway hike in Zion

Over the course of my 13 years of traveling, I’ve oscillated from one end of the travel planning spectrum to the other. I’ve meticulously planned trips to the point where every single accommodation and each required train ride was booked months in advance of my arrival (e.g.

NYC sunset
New York

Oh yeah, this baby’s gonna take some time to load. Go grab a cup of coffee while you’re waiting – I promise it’ll be worth it! Unless you’re on your phone right now, in which case you should bookmark this post and come back to it later when on a proper computer.

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Annual Recap

I was feeling a little envious while reading a few year-end recaps by some other travel bloggers who’d been to 10, 20, god knows how many countries this year. That feeling immediately dissolved when I finished compiling photos for this post, highlighting all of the most beautiful places in Australia I had the fortune of laying eyes on during my year on the Australia work and holiday visa.