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Earlier this year, I received an e-mail that immediately piqued my interest.

You’d think that a travel blogger would be receiving all sorts of riveting e-mails with offers to travel the world and experience all sorts of fun activities and unique accommodations, but honestly… the vast majority of my e-mails are spam that I can’t hit the Delete button fast enough on.

Travel Gear

Today we’re bringing another piece of sustainable travel gear to your attention: the Tropicfeel Canyon all-terrain sneaker!

When Tropicfeel got in touch with me, the timing was simultaneously excellent and terrible: I was just about to start my big Australia road trip and could really do with another pair of sneakers, but we were due to head off the following week and I was concerned that the shoes wouldn’t get to me in time.

Travel Gear

Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve associated hammocks with camping. The campsite just isn’t complete without a hammock hanging in the trees, as far as I’m concerned!

In my adult years, I’ve owned a hammock that sadly hasn’t seen much use… mostly because I spent my 20’s living in a concrete jungle (though I did hang it in Hudson River Park a few times…), but also because that hammock was kind of a pain to hang up.


Filed under things that gave me culture shock after moving from New York to Sydney: the fact that Boxing Day is an actual holiday in Australia. In the US, we typically don’t have the luxury of having the day after Christmas off from work; go figure that now that I live in a place where this is a thing, I no longer work an office job.


I had a very interesting Saturday the 14th, which involved checking a big item off my Aussie bucket list, having my flatmate and her beloved kitty move out of our apartment, and being catfished for the first time in my life – and ended with me suppressing tears while walking home under the full moon.


This article was originally published on 22 April 2014.

Alright, real talk: How many of you are burdened by student loans?

Assuming I’m not the only one raising my hand to that, let me ask a better question: How many of you don’t travel (as much as you’d like) because you’re still paying off your student loans?

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