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Being based in South London during my 2.5 week stay last summer, I had plenty of time to get acquainted with this oft-overlooked neck of the London woods. True, it can be cumbersome to make the long trek into the city from this side of the Thames, but there’s plenty to love in Zones 3 and 4.


I had few things on my agenda for the 2.5 weeks I spent in London last summer. Fresh off a 5 month backpacking trip around Asia, I wanted to relish some free time without the pressure of having to run around and sightsee every day.


Now that I’m mostly done sharing my adventures from 5 months in Asia, it’s finally time to move on to the 2.5 weeks I spent in London. GET PSYCHED!

First, let’s talk logistics.


People talk about (Reverse) Culture Shock nearly as often as they do Jet Lag – both being unfortunate side effects to traveling abroad. In true Lindsay fashion, I’d like to think I’m never seriously plagued by either, as I am extraordinarily well-adjusted (and humble, *cough*).