London’s Millennium Bridge by Night // FLASHBACK FRIDAY

I first traveled to London in 2008, visiting a very good friend of mine, Melvin. Nearly 5 years later, I’m back for Round 2! By the time this post goes live, I’ll be kicking off a 2.5 week stint in this fine city and I am SO EXCITED!

After digging through my flickr archives to find a FF-worthy photo for today, I reckon 2008 must have been the year I discovered HDR photography. Thankfully that ship has sailed, but I’d like to get back into taking long exposures of city skylines. London looks gorgeous at night, dontcha think?

millennium bridge

I remember heading out one night to photograph some of London’s bridges with Melvin. Millennium Bridge, with St. Paul’s Cathedral in the skyline, caught my eye. Of COURSE it did – I’m absolutely fascinated by bridges and churches, and my explorations typically find me gravitating toward these structures like a moth to a flame.

I took this shot standing on the riverbank with my tripod, but the REAL fun happened while we were ON the bridge. We went crazy with our cameras, crouching in odd positions and even laying on our stomachs to get *the shot*. We were ridiculous; it was a fun night.