Upcoming Travel Plans – What I’m Up To In 2014

This post was last updated on 2024 April 21

Holding true to my 2014 goals, I’ve been very deliberate thusfar in scheduling all sorts of trips – including smaller weekend jaunts that I always said I should do, but haven’t yet made happen. Inspired by cheap tickets, credit card miles, and long weekends, I’ve been carefully crafting my year of travel, planning some sort of getaway for almost every month. Subject to change and/or be amended, here’s how 2014 is currently shaping up:

February 17-24: Colombia

This post is brought to you live from the Colombian coast, where I’m spending 8 days escaping NYC’s umpteenth polar vortex simply because I let a cheap flight decide my next trip.

Loosely planned, this is what’s on our agenda:

  • Cartagena – exploring the old town, with possible day trips to a mud volcano and a nearby island
  • Santa Marta – staying in an Aussie-run ex-cartel house with possible day trips into the mountains, waterfalls, or other adventure activities
  • Tayrona NP – camping (er, hammocking) on the beaches and getting some serious tanning and reading in

cartagena colombia

April 5-6: Washington DC

It’s been a few years since my last DC trip, and when I found a $0 ticket from NYC to DC during the supposed peak cherry blossom bloom, I booked it without question. It’ll be a quick trip, as I arrive mid-afternoon on Saturday and likely leave early evening on Sunday. Aside from the cherry blossoms and my standard frolicking, I don’t really have anything else planned. Anyone have any must-do tips while in DC?

washington dc

April 18-21: Utah

Thanks to a plethora of credit card miles and 3-day Easter weekend, I’m heading west for a desert adventure! From Salt Lake City, I plan on roadtripping down to Canyonlands and Arches National Park. The weather should be ideal for hiking, which is my #1 priority of this jaunt (well, technically #2 if you count photography). I really just want to be surrounded by gorgeous nature for a few days, and I think Utah will fit the bill nicely.

Canyonlands National Park
Photo credit: Travel Now!

May ??: Boston

I am long overdue for a Boston visit. Has it really been YEARS since my last one?! Spring in Boston is just glorious, so I’m hoping to snag a cheap bus ticket there for some weekend in May. I want to see my sister’s new apartment, and I trust we’ll follow our usual Boston routine of good coffee, frolicking, photo shooting, and a night in with wine and The Sound of Music.

boston skyline

June 14-18: Cape Cod, MA

I missed it last year as I was in Asia, but I’m planning on joining my family this year on their annual Cape Cod trip. I’m looking forward to the legendary low tides on the bay side beaches, clam chowder, drive-in movies, Provincetown, and slumber partying with my sisters and co.

cape cod

July 4-6: ???

In other summer plans, I’m trying to plan a trip for 4th of July weekend. Perhaps this would be a good time for my first-ever trip to Chicago? Or maybe I’ll stay more local and find another way to take advantage of the long holiday weekend. Any suggestions for where I should spend 4th of July weekend?

chicago bean
Photo credit: Art of HDR

August 29 – September 13: Iceland

Behold, the crown jewel of my 2014 travel lineup: ICELAND! I am deliriously excited to spend 2 weeks exploring this gorgeous country. For the first week, 2 friends and I (and possibly one other) will be doing the roadtrip thing around the Ring Road and invariably ODing on hot springs, waterfalls, and bright green landscapes. Then during the second week, one friend will be joining me on the 4-day Landmannalaugar Trek, where we’ll hike from hut to hut and further burn our retinas from visual sensory overload. This trip is the perfect storm of dramatic scenery, culture, and outdoor activities. I’ve never looked forward to the end of summer, but I’ll be counting down the days til this adventure!

Photo Credit: nexttriptourism.com