Cape Cod, Massachusetts // FLASHBACK FRIDAY

It’s been an unusually snowy December in New York this year, which means I’ve been craving summer and the beach way more than I normally do. At the sight of white outside our kitchen window, my mind instantly runs to a warmer, sunnier, HAPPIER place – somewhere I can walk around in a tank top and flip flops, work on my tan, and frolic at all hours.

Like Sydney.

Or California.

Or NYC during the summer.

(Anyone else seeing a pattern here? My favorite places are HOT!)

cape cod travel 

Or Cape Cod, the land of glorious low key beaches! My family has vacationed here every summer virtually my entire life. Since moving to New York 6 years ago, my attendance at our annual Cape Cod family week has been sporadic at best, always depending on how many vacation days I have at my disposal.

This year I missed it because I was in Asia. But 2014 is looking pretty promising. I can’t wait to be back on this beach in Brewster, frolicking for miles at low tide!