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Even paradise has its downfalls, my friends. Australia is my ultimate happy place, but believe me: there is plenty to complain about here. Below are what I consider to be the worst things about Australia. I give you this list not to dissuade you from visiting or relocating to Australia,


I wasn’t planning on blogging about my little Koh Tao beach excursion to Sai Nuan – it was meant to be a lazy day, a break from all the scuba diving and working, and so therefore I left my blogger’s cap collecting dust in my hotel room and hit the


If I had a dime for every time I’ve heard someone complain about how expensive Australia is, I’m pretty sure I could fund my coffee addiction for the remainder of my life. (SERIOUSLY – complaints for days!) To their point, yes, there are certain things here that are so absurdly


My impetuous trip to Thailand in June was all about the diving. So naturally, the initial plan was to fly from Sydney to Phuket and head straight to Koh Tao for the entire 10 days. Then I thought, hmm: should I maybe spend a little time in Phuket while I’m there? What even is

Monthly Recap

My time this month was almost equally split between Sydney and Southeast Asia. I wrapped up my Lane Cove house sit and flew to Thailand at the start of the second week of June to squeeze a visa run in before starting another two months of house sits in Sydney. Whew! If


Queenstown is indisputably an outdoor adventure paradise. From cycling and epic hikes to scenic flights and about 100 other activities, I’d move there in a heartbeat if it were on the beach. But for those who prefer mountains to beaches, Queenstown might as well be heaven. And for those who might be


When you book an international flight semi-last minute and primarily because you found a good deal, you’re probably not going to do extensive research to prepare for this trip. In my case, I booked a cheap flight from Sydney to Phuket about 2 weeks in advance because it was the most inexpensive,


There has been one very noticeable gap in my outdoor adventure resume. You’d think that in all my island hopping and Australian escapades over the years I’d have made more of an effort to explore the underwater world. It begs the question: why on earth am I not scuba certified?

New Zealand

Have you heard of Wanaka? When I first toured New Zealand 10 years ago, this little mountain town wasn’t on the itinerary. I had no idea it even existed, let alone packed a serious punch in the Outdoor Adventure department. Since then, Wanaka has made a name for itself as


I recently spent 5 days in Byron Bay, a beautifully chilled out beach town in northern New South Wales with a decidedly SoCal vibe. I can report that its popularity is justified: Byron Bay now ranks as one of my favorite places in all of Australia. In my opinion, Byron

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