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The Great Barrier Reef gets most of the glory when it comes to diving in Australia, but you know what? There are actually better dive locations in this country for spotting some exceptionally cool creatures: think whale sharks in Ningaloo Reef, and great white sharks in Port Lincoln. And seals

Annual Recap

I’ve been thinking about how to write this blog post for weeks now. Surely it should be a cinch to rehash the major highlights of the past year, especially since most of them already exist in the form of other blog posts, right? WELL. You see… 2018 wasn’t all about

Monthly Recap

Hello my people! Is anyone else amazed that it’s now 2019? This is actually my favorite time of year, early January: you have a year full of endless possibilities ahead, AND a few months of glorious summer weather in your immediate future (if you’re in Sydney, at any rate!). Looking


A couple months ago, my #1 road trip buddy Marijs and I made the long drive from Sydney to Broken Hill and got to experience the Outback of New South Wales. This unique little slice of Australia isn’t really on the tourist trail, but that only adds to its appeal


Coober Pedy is probably the most well-known (read: touristy) mining town in Australia, but if there’s anything I learned on my recent road trip through Outback New South Wales, it’s that this country’s got plenty of other mining towns. Are they all worth visiting? No way. I’d conjecture that most


If there’s one thing I know well, it’s where to go in Bondi to get some work done on my laptop. As a digital nomad turned Sydney-based freelancer, I have spent the better part of my working hours these last two years hopping between numerous different coffee shops and venues around

Travel Gear

If there’s one kind of packing list I can fashion with any sort of authority, it’s one highlighting what to pack for the beach. I mean, I live in Bondi Beach – hell, I moved to Australia in the first place because of the beaches here. My days literally revolve