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Monthly Recap

Helloooooo friends! This recap’s comin’ atcha a wee bit late because I’ve been on the road (more on that later!). September started off super busy with a trip up to Cairns and the conclusion of my NLP course. After that, it rained for a few weeks straight in Sydney. Like,


I’m still getting used to summer in the Southern Hemisphere and being able to hang out at the beach on Christmas and on my February birthday while the rest of the world seems to be bemoaning winter. I’m not sure if this will ever NOT feel weird to me. But


You guys, I’ve found a remedy for Sydney winters without having to flee to the northern hemisphere! Even after traveling to the US and Byron Bay this past winter, by mid-August I was still fed up with the cold weather. I was well over having to sleep with a hot


There are many things that frustrate me about being an expat in Australia: the lack of Amazon Prime, the fact that my excellent US credit score means diddly squat and somehow I don’t qualify for any credit cards or financing here, not being able to log into several of my


For a hot minute back in 2009 or so, I entertained the idea of applying for grad school at UC Berkeley. You know when you’re going through a quarter-life crisis of sorts and have absolutely NO idea how to properly assimilate into the real world much less what to do


This month I checked off one massive item on the bucket list and FINALLY went diving in the Great Barrier Reef! In my defense, I’ve had plenty of adventures on the reef that haven’t involved diving (scenic flight, sailing, snorkelling, camping) – so it’s not like I’ve been completely ignoring