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I’m no stranger to enduring the long haul flights that come with living in a remote country like Australia. Usually I’m ping-ponging across the Pacific whenever I visit friends and family in the US, but most recently I found myself flying across the other side of the world after my


Who travels to Paris and skips the Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, and Angelina’s? Yep, that’d be me. I didn’t visit any museums, OD on pastries and sweets, or try snails or any other French delicacies on my recent week-long trip to Paris. And maybe, according to some people, that means


Guess what, guys? I’m back in the US right now! But not for long, though. I felt like I should take advantage of being on this side of the world for a wedding and cross the pond afterwards for a little European frolicking on my way back to Sydney. And


I’ve made it my mission to sample wine throughout Australia these past couple years. Which is a little strange for someone who constantly claims to be “not much of a drinker”, I know, but that’s just a testament to how amazing Aussie wine can be. I’ve long since checked the Yarra Valley,


Last Sunday, I was instructed to meet at Taylor Square in Sydney at 6:30am to be picked up to go 4WD-ing around the Blue Mountains. That’s literally all I knew about the adventure I was about to embark on. I knew about the Blue Mountains and have been aching to


When I moved to Australia, the very first thing I ticked off my bucket list was a trip to the Whitsundays. I’m not sure how I managed to miss it the first time around (11 years ago when I studied abroad in Sydney), but I made up for it this time


I have to admit, I’m a bit ambivalent about packing posts. I find them insanely boring to read when they pop up on my RSS feed or on a blog that I regularly follow, but super useful if I’m actually searching on Google for packing tips for an upcoming trip or hike I have planned. I’m hoping


There’s a particularly magical time of year in Sydney, just before the weather takes a turn for the cold, when the city quite literally lights up: Vivid Sydney. For about three weeks (this year it’s 26 May – 17 June), each night from 6-11pm there are colorful light projections splashed onto


I’d been lusting over El Nido for YEARS before I finally made my way to the Philippines for a month last September. Epic sunsets over limestone karsts and boat trips to hidden lagoons and secret beaches? I mean for crying out loud, I couldn’t conjure up a more idyllic scene if


I’m calling bullshit on everyone who claims that it’s too expensive to travel to or live in Australia. The truth is, if you practice healthy spending and saving habits in your daily life, there’s no reason you can’t do the same while visiting Australia. Plus, with the Australian dollar being

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