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Hey you! Have you taken my survey yet? If you haven’t yet, I would REALLY appreciate it if you could click to answer 6 easy questions – it’s totally anonymous, and will let me know what kind of content you’d like to see on this blog going forward. Thank you!  OH


I’ve never made a fuss over this blog’s birthday before, but I feel like 5 years is a pretty big deal so you know what? Let’s celebrate Frugal Frolicker’s 5th birthday! And by celebrate, I mean nerd it up, look at some stats, and make some LISTS! Mostly ’cause I

Annual Recap

I ended 2017 with a big fat exclamation point by spraining my ankle while hiking to a really cool gorge (and then jumping 15 meters (50 feet) into a rock pool with said sprained ankle… but that’s a story for another blog post!). Anyway, it meant that I was house-ridden and

Annual Recap

Welp, this year-in-review post looks a bit different from the ones I’ve done the last couple years when I was a nomad. That’s because 2017 was all about getting grounded and making a new home for myself in Sydney, rather than country hopping. And guys, I have to say that


I’m probably not supposed to say this as a resident of Bondi Beach, but: I really love Manly. In fact, I can definitely see it being the next place I live once I’m over Bondi (if that day ever comes!). I’m still not over the LOL-worthy name of this Sydney


Well my friends, I’m afraid this is a tale of travel dreams being tarnished by craptastic weather. You can plan the bejesus out of a trip, go well out of your way to reach a destination, and even allot extra days to thoroughly enjoy it – but you can’t do


The latest on my quest to tackle ALLLLLL the Sydney Harbour walks? The Hermitage Foreshore Track, which runs along the waterfront on the harbour side of Vaucluse. Rose Bay. The track begins shortly after the sand ends here. The Hermitage Foreshore Track is only 1.8km long and should take you under an hour


Bali may have claimed the spotlight for Indonesia, but there are at least 18,000 other islands and countless other destinations worth exploring in this country. Komodo National Park is one of them.  Its magnificent landscapes, exotic wildlife, and diverse underwater world make Komodo one of the best places in Indonesia to explore


I don’t know about you, but when I lay eyes on a photo of a devastatingly gorgeous landscape, that place tends to catapult to the upper reaches of my bucket list. In fact, I have a pretty solid track record of designing trips around these vistas. What can I say,

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    Since then, I've taken a more active approach to life, living deliberately and slowly figuring out my path. Currently living in Australia, I blog about outdoor adventures in beautiful places around the world that don't cost a lot of money. Read more about my story here.
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