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I’ve been waiting a really long time to compose this post and, after FINALLY experiencing Trip #7 for myself last month, I think it’s time to unveil it! Melbourne is a fantastic (and “liveable”) city, but there’s some equally amazing stuff worth experiencing elsewhere in Victoria. From coastline to countryside


To give you an idea of how much I planned for my recent road trip around High Country, Victoria: I didn’t actually know I’d be doing a road trip until about 3 weeks beforehand, and I didn’t know where I’d be heading until about 2 days before picking up the


One of the very first things I noted when I moved to Sydney on a work & holiday visa a few years ago was that on Sundays, there’s a $2.60 cap on public transport for the whole day. Hey, if the government has subsidized public transport to encourage more people


I think March and April can best be described as the much-needed calm after the January/February storm. With the stress and life admin BS that accompanies housing drama finally behind me, my new flatmate moved in and I got serious about making this apartment my own. It’s probably mostly in


Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d live in a beautiful apartment just minutes from one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, but such is the life I seem to have manifested for myself. Actually, the truly shocking thing is that I’ve managed to furnish and decorate the whole


If you’re into stargazing and mountain adventures without any tourists around, boy do I have the perfect Sydney getaway for you! The Warrumbungles probably aren’t going to make it onto any visitor’s Australia bucket list, but that only makes it better for locals who do have the time and inclination


Being both an avid solo traveler and frugal by nature (and until recently, absolutely petrified of driving on the left side of the road), I’m constantly searching for adventures that can be had without having to drive anywhere. We Sydneysiders are ridiculously lucky to live in a city with so


After traveling in Italy during July and August last year (and in June, many years ago), I have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to summer in Italy. My best advice? To make the most of your Italy summer holidays, head for the


Did you know that there’s actually an island in Sydney Harbour where you can stay overnight? Cockatoo Island is absolutely steeped in convict history and today, 110 years after the closure of the old prison there, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site and makes for a most excellent Sydney getaway or day

Monthly Recap

Oh yeah, look who’s bringing back the monthly recaps! I have to say, I kinda missed the ol’ Down Under Report from my first two years in Australia. I’m not sure if any of you feel the same, but I’m thinking this is a good way for me to reconnect

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