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Nearly two years ago now, my mom dropped me off at the Guilford train station so I could begin the 3+ hour journey to JFK

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Monthly Recap

Do you ever have a month that could so easily be summed up by one recurring theme? For me, October 2016 was all about good people. I don’t often look at my life or travels through a people-centric lens (because, well, that’s just not how we introverts roll), but if


What kind of sillyhead would allot 8 days of her Philippines trip to one place when there are 7000+ other islands to see? Probably the kind that loves to travel slowly and doesn’t count countries (seriously, if you asked me how many countries I’ve been to I would have to


This isn’t the article I expected to be writing about my trip to Siargao, from my month in the Philippines. The majority of island-goers are there to surf, and understandably so as Siargao is renowned for its excellent surf conditions and epic Cloud 9. But me, no, I’m no surfer.


I went into my 5 day Kangaroo Island road trip last week armed with a stack of brochures I picked up somewhere between Adelaide Airport and Penneshaw. I swear I don’t normally hoard pamphlets, but geez – there’s really not much information online about Kangaroo Island. I actually did try

Monthly Recap

Man, this month was bonkers! Looking back at all the awesome stuff I did and all the stresses surrounding the Australian visa process, I can’t even believe all of it fit into just 30 days. It felt like a much longer stretch of time. At the start of the month,


I know I’m prone to hyperbolic descriptions of most all beaches and islands I’ve written about here, but I need you to believe me when I say that Kalanggaman Island is the most beautiful, magical, heavenly place I’ve ever stepped foot on. This little sandbar island is closest to the


I’ve done enough traveling to know what works and what doesn’t for me, and you know what I’ve realized in recent years? The thing that causes me the most stress is getting from A to B. The more connections it involves, the more wound up I become. It’s one major


While I’m on a roll with confessions, let me throw one more atcha: It took me 21 months in Australia before I finally made it out to the Blue Mountains. Now before you roll your eyes and think big whoop, so what you didn’t go somewhere, you should know that


So, I originally wrote a long-winded intro to this post while on my flight from Sydney to Manila. Then I devoured Mark Mansons’s new book The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck and decided it was way too whiny and that I should give less f*cks than I let

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