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A Day Trip To Koh Nang Yuan

When you book an international flight semi-last minute and primarily because you found good deal, you’re probably not going to do extensive research to prepare for this

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There has been one very noticeable gap in my outdoor adventure resume. You’d think that in all my island hopping and Australian escapades over the years I’d have made more of an effort to explore the underwater world. It begs the question: why on earth am I not scuba certified?

New Zealand

Have you heard of Wanaka? When I first toured New Zealand 10 years ago, this little mountain town wasn’t on the itinerary. I had no idea it even existed, let alone packed a serious punch in the Outdoor Adventure department. Since then, Wanaka has made a name for itself as


I recently spent 5 days in Byron Bay, a beautifully chilled out beach town in northern New South Wales with a decidedly SoCal vibe. I can report that its popularity is justified: Byron Bay now ranks as one of my favorite places in all of Australia. In my opinion, Byron


“How was your weekend?”, asks every king and queen of Small Talk who happens to engage me in a conversation on a Sunday night or Monday. Weekends have meant nothing to me since I left the corporate world 1.5 years ago, so I don’t know how to answer this question


Gosh, May sure was delightful. I feel like I’m due for some travel mishaps and lowlights one of these days (but, you know, very happy to keep on living that highlight reel if they continue to spare me!). I kicked off May with a few days in Adelaide, then returned


A lot of things went wrong on my recent trip to New Zealand, but the days I spent at Aoraki Mt. Cook National Park went off with nary a hitch. If you’re keen to camp and hike (and I sure hope you are, because DUH it’s New Zealand), I recommend


I lay on a grassy knoll at Wategos Beach in a flowy skirt, head propped up on my backpack at an angle optimal for scoping out the surfers and setting sun in front of me, dozing off to the sweet croons of a guitarist nearby. Behind me, a street lined


While Melbourne is a wonderfully livable city, it isn’t a place with many sights or tourist attractions worth boasting about. You come here to eat, drink, and soak up the culture. During my 6 months living in Melbourne, I entertained myself in other ways – one of which was seeking


Ten years ago I dubbed Adelaide a “craphole” because it seemed like a bit of a snoozefest. I suspect this was partially because I visited on Good Friday when most everything was closed, but mostly because back then I wasn’t the openminded and adventurous traveler I am today. Adelaide has


I may get banished to travel blogger purgatory for the following confession, but here it goes: I’m not really into food. Like, at all. I grew up eating chicken for dinner every other night, and until I moved to New York I looked at eating out as a thing you

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