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I’m a bit weird when it comes to renting a car on my travels. On one hand, there’s nothing (literally nothing) that makes me happier than a good road trip; but on the other, I almost never rent a car when I’m traveling solo because it’s flippin’ expensive. More importantly:


Over the course of my 13 years of traveling, I’ve oscillated from one end of the travel planning spectrum to the other. I’ve meticulously planned trips to the point where every single accommodation and each required train ride was booked months in advance of my arrival (e.g. Italy 2007); but


If you’ve spent any amount of time in, or researching things to do in Sydney, then you undoubtedly know that the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk is an absolute must-do in Sydney. In my professional frolicker’s opinion, it’s not at all overrated and is well worth enduring the flocks of


Here’s the story of how this frugalista ended up jetting all over Sydney Harbour in the boat equivalent of a Ferrari: So late last year, the fine folks at Any Boat approached me about taking a ride with them out on Sydney Harbour. Without hesitation, question, or research, I said hells yeah.


I recently wrote a post about how to plan a Kauai road trip – you know, the practical stuff like where to get camping equipment, how to book campsites, and what kind of car to rent. But let’s be real, that’s not super exciting unless you’re actively planning a Hawaii


I recently embarked on my second road trip around the Hawaiian islands. Someday I will write about the epic adventures I had driving around the Big Island back in my pre-blog days (until then, this guide to trekking to Waimanu Valley will have to do). But now, let’s talk about everything


I already wrote about learning how to surf on Siargao, but there’s a whole lot more going on at this surf island than just hanging ten on Cloud 9 (see what I did there?). I’m pretty sure I wore my bathing suit the entire week I was on Siargao –


I know, I know – how dare I use such a clickbait-y title. Aren’t I just the worst? I’m pretty excited about this post because it’s not about how to save money TO travel – it’s about how to subsidize travel, travel cheaply, and save money while on the road. You


I can’t believe it took me nearly 32 years to take my first helicopter flight! I’ve been lucky enough to take a few scenic flights during my travels (over the Grand Canyon, Great Barrier Reef, and Milford Sound)… but those were all in small planes. The fact is, scenic flights by


After 26 months of vagabonding, I can now officially say that I am a Sydney resident! :: cue the gasps :: I just signed a lease on a 2-bedroom apartment in North Bondi, a quick 5 minute walk from the world-renowned Bondi Beach. And while it’s completely a pinch-me-I’m-dreaming kind

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