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Sri Lanka

Looking for a 10-day Sri Lanka itinerary for your upcoming trip?

I recently toured the country for 2 weeks as a guest of Sri Lanka Tourism and traveled all over Sri Lanka, and I have a LOT of suggestions for the best things to do in Sri Lanka and how best to spend your time there.


I know I said I would never write a ‘5 Days in Sydney’ post, but guess what? My sister is coming to visit me here next week and suddenly I find myself carefully crafting an itinerary that will allow her to experience the best of Sydney in 5 days.


Sydney’s a tricky city to plan your travels for. Thanks to its plentiful waterways, traffic, and one-way streets, getting around Sydney is rarely straight-forward. Throw in the normal weekend track work and bus diversions and, man, it can take ages to get anywhere in Sydney by public transport.