That Time I Went To See A Psychic Healer

This isn’t a post I ever imagined I’d be publishing on my travel blog.

This isn’t something I ever thought I’d actually do in my life.

Yet here I am, reflecting on the healing session I had with a psychic medium back in May when I was in Melbourne.

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If you’re rolling your eyes right now, it’s cool – I would have done the same a few years ago. Hell, I used to roll my eyes at the thought of practicing yoga.

Since moving to Australia in December 2014, I’ve experienced what you might call a ‘spiritual awakening’ of sorts. I’ve started believing more in the intangible, being more in tune with energy, and being comfortable with stillness. I’ve become more aware of my traits and thought patterns and have focused heavily on my personal development.

And wow, I feel like I’m a much better version of myself since I left New York. I am patient, self aware, and less judgmental. But the funny thing is the deeper I go with this self-exploration and growth process, the more I realize I have SO much more to work on – and that I will always be a work in progress.

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Why See A Psychic Healer?

A very spiritual friend of mine told me about the “life changing” healing sessions she’s had with a particular psychic healer, so it was on her recommendation that I booked a session.

Mostly, I was intensely curious about it. What would a psychic say about me? Would any of it ring true, or would she show herself to be a total quack? Or would it be like a horoscope, where most anything she said could apply to me if I spun it a certain way? (For the record, I still think horoscopes and zodiac signs are bullshit – however, I reserve the right to change my stance on this in the future!).

Also, I wanted answers to a couple of things that have been eluding me for, oh, only my entire life: 1). What is my life’s purpose or calling? (it isn’t SEO, digital marketing, wedding photography, “influencing”, or any of the 50 other things I’ve dabbled in, so what the heck is it and why is it taking me so damn long to find something I’m passionate enough to commit to doing?) and 2). Will I ever find love? (let’s be honest, it is unusual to be 33 and have never had a serious relationship, and at this point I am wondering whether it’s just not meant to be for me?).

Did I expect the healer to look into her crystal ball and tell me with certainty what my future holds? Not exactly. To be honest, I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I was open to anything she wanted to tell me.

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What To Expect In A Healing Session

I’m sure healing sessions vary between healers, but this is how mine went down:

I turned up at her house and was shown to a small room where the session would be held. On one side of the room was a table to lay down on (kind of like a massage table); on the other side was a regular table with two chairs opposite each other. Spread around the room were various hippie-like items including candles, incense, decks of cards, crystals, and inspirational quotes. Light music was playing the entire session.

We sat down and I asked if I could record the session on my phone – she was fine with this. Just before we began, she told me that whenever she said “they”, it meant spirit guides, angels, my soul, and past loved ones. “They” would be communicating messages and insights to her to deliver to me during the session.

Next, we took turns shuffling a deck of oracle cards. This deck had a different topic printed on each card, but they were face down as we shuffled and also as she spread them all out across the table. First she pulled a card out that “they” wanted her to pull, and asked me to pull another 3 cards. In addition to these, another 3 cards had somehow fallen out of the deck and ended up off to the side of the table – I’m still mystified as to how or when this happened, as it went unnoticed by me. OBVIOUSLY it meant we had to look at those cards as well, so in total we pulled 7 cards from the deck. The topics revealed on these cards would guide the session and be what she communicated with “them” about.

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During this portion of the healing session, I remained mostly silent (with a whole lot of awkward laughs thrown in) and tried to be open to everything she was telling me. I felt like me interjecting with a question would interrupt the flow and perhaps take away from other things that “they” deemed more important to share with me. My friend had mentioned that typically the healer allowed some time at the end of the session for questions, so I had a few written down for later.

I wasn’t sure how much I should respond to what she was saying. Should I speak up if what she said was wrong? Should I confirm when she said something that really resonated? If she’s a true psychic, she shouldn’t even need my feedback at all, should she?

I did actually ask her, and she said that just by me sitting there and absorbing her words, a lot of reprogramming and healing was already happening. She would occasionally ask me questions for more clarity on the messages she was receiving.

From what I gathered, the healer receives bits and pieces from “them” but doesn’t have much context around it. Which makes sense, because “they” can’t tell her my life story in one hour. So she may say something as truth, but not know how it applies to me – and I think that’s where it can be useful to offer a little feedback or context, because once she understands how it fits into my life, she can then ask “them” for more information and expand upon what she’s just told me.

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The last part of the healing session was the table healing, where I lay on my back, eyes closed, buried in blankets with an eye mask on. She did some chakra balancing and worked on some blockages she found in my body. I was awake for the whole thing and smelled sage burning, heard a lot of rustling, and felt her hands move around my chest and my feet (but not really anywhere else on me, interestingly). I didn’t really feel anything energetically, though.

At the end, she shared with me a few other things that came up during the table healing and said that I should integrate everything from the healing within the next 2 weeks.

And that was it! I had an hour of talking and 30 minutes of table healing.

Insights From My Healing Session

By now you’re probably like, shut up and tell us what she told you! Am I right? 😛

Sooooo, here are the cards we pulled:

  • She pulled RELATIONSHIPS
  • 3 cards fall out of the deck: ANIMALS, DREAMS, CLARITY


This had mostly do with with my relationship with myself. The healer wasted no time in bringing up the masculine-feminine imbalance in me and how I have this masculine “punishment” energy in me that’s suppressing my feminine “unconditional love” energy. I insisted that I’d already done a lot of work on this, but she told me there’s a LOT more to be done – that I’d peeled back a few layers slowly, but there are many more to work through.

She actually said, direct quote: “your feminine is lacking its sex appeal”. Well then! Apparently I have a lot of dormant or suppressed feminine sexual energy (and if I’m honest with myself, this is absolutely true). She recommended more dancing, dresses, lipstick, essential oils, crystals, gentle music, and baths to bring out more of my feminine energy.

And then she hit me with this truth bomb: that I had energetically carried on the masculine/feminine imbalance from my mother, and that I resist my feminine because of what I saw from her when she was raising me. Whoa.

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I was kinda hoping the healer would tell me I was barren, even though that would be kind of terrible and sad. I’ve never wanted kids, don’t anticipate ever wanting them, and would like to not ever have to worry about having them.

She said that sometimes when a woman has this overbearing masculine energy and repressed feminine energy it can manifest physically and potentially cause fertility issues. But nope, apparently I’m fine in that department (damn it!). And she told me that in about 2 years, I’m going to get to decide whether to have kids or not – like, I’ll be at a place in my life where I actually get to choose this if I want.


She told me to play more gentle, soft music, to bring out my feminine and calm me down. Music doesn’t play a huge part in my life, so not quite sure what to do with this one. Moving on…


For me, this card was about having gratitude for my journey and where I am now, and forgetting about others’ journeys – ’cause they aren’t quite as peachy as they seem, and in reality I’m actually in a much better space/place than many of them are (hello, comparison is the thief of joy!).

She told me to rest easy in that, and let go of where I think I should be, surrender to what I can’t control, and be in the present. Again, all things I’m aware of and need to keep reminding myself of when I start getting frustrated with things not going the way I want them to.

Basically, I need to trust that I’m in alignment with where I need to be, and remember that sometimes I can’t quicken things in life. My big takeaway here was that I need to practice patience and self acceptance.

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The healer immediately spit that out when it came time to talk about the animals card. She wasn’t sure what my situation was in Australia, but said that “they” keep talking about how I need a cat NOW.

She said I had a strong cat energy around me, and that in the past couple weeks I’ve either been around cats or been thinking a lot about cats. Little did she know that I had gone so far as to ask my flatmate if he’d be ok with me adopting a cat, and at that very moment had several open tabs on my web browser of cats up for adoption at a local shelter. HOW COULD SHE HAVE KNOWN THAT? This was the point where I really thought, huh, maybe this psychic stuff is the real deal. I feel like she couldn’t have said this to most clients and had it apply so strongly.

She told me I needed a cat URGENTLY, and that it would help with my healing process and bring me into my feminine energy. It would be a way for me to nurture and love someone, and get the love that I’m not currently feeling. Loosely translated, I think she kinda told me to get my crazy cat lady on – and I’m ok with it!


Oddly, Tony Robbins came up when she tapped into this. Even though he has a heavy masculine energy, apparently it’s what I need to adjust my mindset and “get to where I need to go”. I thought this was interesting because I’d heard about Tony earlier this year and automatically dismissed him for being “too much”.


“They” told her that I had a few burning questions I wanted to ask (well duh, I did come in holding a little piece of paper which I’m sure she figured was a list of questions), so she opened it up to questions. Here’s what I asked:

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Are there any gifts/skills I have that I could be using to fulfil or figure out my life purpose?
Oooh this one was interesting and what she said really resonated. She said I’ve thought about a lot of different areas, work-wise, and that I’m going to be coming out of the corporate/mainstream world and going into the polar opposite of where I’ve been. A bunch of things came up when she asked “them” about it: teaching, essential oils, boot camp, wellbeing/wellness, health/fitness, counselling.

She said that I’m going to help people that are still in the corporate world where I came from, perhaps something to do with team building, wellness, meditation/mindfulness, or coaching. It’ll be some kind of natural medicine or alternate therapy sort of thing, but apparently it’s under wraps as to which so she couldn’t tell me anything more specific.

WOW. I’ve felt for quite awhile now that I’m meant to do something… different. I don’t think my ‘dream job’ actually exists, which is probably why I’ve agonized over why I haven’t figured out what my calling is yet. I really want to help people who feel stuck in life like I once did, and show them that they can break free and create whatever life they want for themselves. I feel like that’s very in line with what the healer told me I’d end up doing.

So now it’s up to me to figure out the next step and do some exploring of options. Like HOW exactly am I going to help those people? She suggested surrendering more, and asking for guidance and signs when I need to. I think this’ll make more sense to me once I dive deeper into my exploration phase.

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Is anything coming up about past lives?
Nope, only childhood stuff – “they” didn’t want us going back any further than that.

Is anything coming up about love?
BLOCKED. I had to chuckle at this – sounds about right!

More specifically, she said that I tend to attract either over-feminine men, or over-controlling dominant men (I can confirm it’s 100% the former). Why? Because of my own masculine/feminine imbalance. Once I get that more into balance, I’ll be able to attract someone that’s also better balanced.

She mentioned that a few men will come into my life, but nothing too serious for the next year. In the meantime, I’m on a “soul journey” and need to work on myself first – specifically, she said I need to open my heart to love and vulnerability (but what does that MEEEEEEAN?!).

And then, to circle back to the fertility thing, she said that in about two years I’ll be in something “very solid”, relationship-wise, that’s lifelong – which is when I’ll have to decide whether I want to have kids. Hm… guess we’ll see!

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Do I Believe In Psychic Healing?

After my healing session, I felt like it was a similar experience to a therapy session: except instead of me bringing up topics to discuss, the healer was able to intuit them via my energy… and also, it was mostly one-sided with her talking and me absorbing what she was saying.

None of what she said was new to me – in fact, the things she brought up were all prominent themes in my life that I had already been thinking about a lot. I don’t feel like it all would have resonated with someone else, which is why I actually DO think that this psychic healer was legit. (FYI all this person knew about me beforehand was my first name and phone number, and I had my Facebook on lockdown just in case she tried to do some online stalking).

So while I didn’t find out anything shocking or ground-breaking, I did have a lot of beliefs validated (my need to better balance my masculine vs feminine energies, my need for a cat, my needing to work in some sort of alternate modality).

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Something else to keep in mind is that we all have free will. Just because she says I need to get a cat and that I’ll be seriously dating someone in 2 years’ time, doesn’t mean those will 100% happen. If I listen to everything she and “they” told me and take it to heart, then there’s a very high probability of everything happening that she said would happen.

I feel a lot more centered and at peace with things since my healing session, and I’ve got my list of action items to work on. In the 3 months that have passed, I’ve bought some new dresses, started reading a Tony Robbins book, had a new flatmate AND HER CAT move in, and signed up for a life coaching course (eep!).

So in short, I’m glad I went to see this psychic and would definitely book another session down the line sometime. If you’re interested in seeing a psychic healer in Melbourne, e-mail me and I can pass along her contact details!