Cambridge, England // FLASHBACK FRIDAY

In the 2.5 weeks I spent in London last summer, I managed to fit in a few day trips: to Greenwich, Brighton, and Cambridge.

I LOVED Cambridge. Loved! Straight off the train, I headed into town and into the courtyard of one of the colleges of Cambridge University and promptly lay down in the grass for a nap in the sun. Perfect way to wile away an afternoon!

cambridge england 

I did a few other things too, of course. I roamed through the rest of the university grounds and along the River Cam, where I found hoards of tourists punting. What the heck is punting, you ask? Think of cruising in a flattened, less glamorous version of the Venetian gondola. It’s kind of *the thing* to do in Cambridge, England. Which, naturally, means I opted not to try it. If I ever revisit Cambridge, I think I’ll have to give it a go, though! Doesn’t it look like fun?

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