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I’d been wanting to visit the Gili Islands for YEARS (like, over a decade) before I finally made it over there on my recent trip to Bali in December 2023.

In my mind, I was absolutely certain that Gili Air was my island; after all, it’s known as the “chill” island, or the *just right* option between Gili Trawangan (the “party” island) and Gili Meno (the “honeymoon” island).


If you’re traveling to Krabi, Thailand, odds are you’ll be looking to book one or more Krabi island tours while you’re there. And rightfully so – this whole region is just begging to be explored by boat with 200 or so islands around.

Monthly Recap

Do you ever have a month that could so easily be summed up by one recurring theme? For me, October 2016 was all about good people. I don’t often look at my life or travels through a people-centric lens (because, well, that’s just not how we introverts roll), but if anything this month was a heathy reminder that good things can come from venturing beyond my introvert bubble.


What kind of sillyhead would allot 8 days of her Philippines trip to one place when there are 7000+ other islands to see?

Probably the kind that loves to travel slowly and doesn’t count countries (seriously, if you asked me how many countries I’ve been to I would have to stop and write them all down – literally haven’t a clue and DGAF).

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