Must-Read Blogs Before Any India Travel Adventure

I’ll be spending most of March 2013 in India and I’m SO EXCITED. Slightly apprehensive, yes, but I know that once I get my bearings I’ll be fine. It’s going to be so unlike anything or any place I’ve ever experienced and I CAN’T WAIT!

Here are some blog posts that I found super-interesting and relevant to my upcoming travels:

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What to expect when you first arrive in India

Lillie gives a beautiful, photo-laden account of her first day in India, confirming that it is indeed a land of color and contrasts. Her photos of the architecture in Paharganj are so inspiring. I can’t wait to set out on my first day in New Delhi in a similar fashion, going snap-happy amidst all the sensory overload!

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Camel safaris in Rajasthan

Dave and Deb share their less-than-stellar camel safari experience from Jaisalmer. Moral of the story? Be sure to book a tour that comes highly recommended (perferably one that’s received rave reviews), and does not just stick to the crowded tourist trails. With that in mind, their second camel safari in Bikaner was much more enjoyable.

Holi in India

This is the #1 reason I decided to add India to my itinerary. I cannot wait to be covered in color, participating in this cra-mazing (crazy + amazing) festival.

What it’s like in a yoga ashram

Mariellen gives a detailed account of her day-to-day experience at an ashram in India. I have taken a grand total of ONE yoga class in my life to-date, but I’d really like to experience yoga while in India. I think spending some time at an ashram would be a great challenge and an opportunity for growth. I’m SO up for it!
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How to master the art of haggling

Okay, so here’s the thing – I hate games. I don’t play them. But if you think about it, that’s exactly what haggling is – a game. AND an art, which Indians have mastered and embedded in their culture. In the name of fully experiencing life in India, I’m going to embrace haggling and play the game.

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Why everyone should visit India

Wandering Earl echoes my game theory and applies it to India in general – i.e. you should approach every DAY in India as if it’s a game. The main objective of this game is to make sense of all the chaos that you’re thrown into. My game plan is to wing it every day rather than waste a single second worrying. It’s pretty comforting to know that quite literally everything in India is inexpensive. I mean, $8 for a dorm room? $1.50 for a meal? Ridiculous!