Mauna Kea, Hawaii // FLASHBACK FRIDAY

This post was last updated on 2024 April 21

I’ve been thinking back lately to my 2 weeks in Hawaii in 2012 and how incredibly AWESOME that trip was. Hawaii has everything I need to be happy: glorious warm weather, gorgeous scenery, and outdoor adventures out the wazoo. I’m already dreaming of going back to take on Maui and Kaua’i, learning how to surf and SUP, hiking the Na Pali coast. Oh it’s happening! (albeit someday not soon enough!)

mauna kea hawaii

One of the first stops on our Big Island roadtrip was Mauna Kea. We opted to drive up to the summit rather than hike to it (due to time constraints, not laziness I swear!) – and were rewarded with surreal, Mars-like views in the clouds. How crazy is this scene?