Art is EVERYWHERE in India – Doors Included!

I thought for sure I’d spend my month in India obsessing over the amazing food or the colorful markets. Clearly, neither really did it for me. Instead, I found myself being drawn to archways and doors in India. Architecturally they are all pretty similar, but each one is decorated completely differently in color and pattern. It was a feast for the eyes – and boy did I indulge!

Palaces and Forts

Not surprisingly, the magnificent palaces and forts of Rajasthan and surrounds are decorated in excess. Their doorways may have been the most adorned of all!

A church in Delhi:

india doors

Taj Mahal, Agra:

india doors

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Agra Fort:

india doors

City Palace, Jaipur:

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Homes in Jaipur

What I didn’t expect was to find ordinary buildings – homes, even – with doors so elaborately decorated. During a stroll through the side streets of Jaipur’s Pink City, there was a point where I was literally stopping at every other door to ogle the colorful, intricate patterns. I had to force myself to put the camera away so I’d actually make it to where I was headed!

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Which is your favorite India door?

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