La Mezquita in Cordoba, Spain // FLASHBACK FRIDAY

On my over-ambitious, super cheap 2-week trip to Spain in 2011, I went out of my way to stop in Seville. In retrospect, I should have skipped it – but how was I to know I wouldn’t completely love it there?

I was all too eager to escape the hoards of study abroad students in town, so when a few girls from my hostel invited me to join them on a day trip to Cordoba, I readily agreed.

What’s in Cordoba, you ask? LA MEZQUITA, a glorious, glorious mosque:

la mezquita spain

This is one of those buildings where you could easily spend hours shuffling around, gazing at every intricate nook and cranny in amazement. Not that I did that or anything.

No but really, La Mezquita is stunning. The double-arched arcaded hall is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. If you ever find yourself in Southern Spain, get yourself to this UNESCO World Heritage site!

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