Is it just me, or is everyone hitting up Greece these days? This summer I must have seen a large handful of travel bloggers blow up every social media channel with photos of idyllic white buildings on a hill overlooking deep blue water. Not that I’m complaining – please, people, keep shoving beautiful travel photos in my face! It only feeds my wanderlust further, which is basically the thing that keeps me going in life.

But man, those Greek islands are something else. Someday I’m going to island hop without a time constraint, getting lost in that white-washed maze of streets and laying out at the mountainous beaches. And when I’m not out frolicking, I’d love to hole up in a cave and do nothing but read, write, and edit photos (like how Candice did on Santorini). Sound good to anyone else?

Santorini Greece

Santorini // Photo credit: Two Hearts One Soul

Greek Islands

Nisia // Photo credit:


Photo credit: Insure & Away

Have you ever been to the Greek islands? Which one would you recommend?

Lindsay Buckley is the photographer and travel blogger behind Frugal Frolicker. She’s a New Yorker currently based in Sydney, Australia, documenting outdoor travel experiences Down Under and beyond.

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Where in the World is This?

  • Ryan Zieman

    I’m with you on this one! Island hopping in Greece sounds like a great plan. Although I’ll be in Athens for TBEX, I won’t have any time to soak up the Greek isles.

    • lindsaypunk

      Right?? Bummer you won’t have time to hit the islands, but you’re so close that you could easily make it there on your next break from work! ;)

  • I did Santorini this summer and LOVED it, and yes, it is exactly how it looks in the pictures. Simply amazing :D

    • lindsaypunk

      OMG I about died seeing all the photos you posted. It just looks so MAGICAL, like a fantasy world. Can’t wait to see it myself someday!