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Flamenco in Spain

On my 2-week whirlwind trip all over Spain in 2011 (aka the last trip I’ll ever try to do too many things in too little time), I regrettably went way out of my way to spend a couple days in Seville.

4th of July in NYC
Flashback Friday

Happy 4th of July!

I’m missing 4th of July in NYC for the second consecutive year (last year I was in London, this year I’m in Cape Cod), but still wanted to pay a little homage on the blog here because I’ve had so many great 4th’s in New York!

Flashback Friday

You wouldn’t think it, but there’s actually a good number of beaches easily accessible from NYC. As to the quality of these beaches, well… most leave something to be desired. After all, I’m always comparing them to the beaches of Thailand and Australia in the back of my mind – obviously they can’t compare to those.

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