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adelaide market

I may get banished to travel blogger purgatory for the following confession, but here it goes:

I’m not really into food. Like, at all.

I grew up eating chicken for dinner every other night, and until I moved to New York I looked at eating out as a thing you only did for special occasions.

Sydney Harbour pool

I realize that throwing my two cents into the oft-heated and never-settled Sydney vs Melbourne debate is probably a fool’s errand, but what the hell – I’m doing it.

I’ve lived in both cities and thoroughly enjoyed my time in each of them.

Melbourne street art class

Filed under Surprising/Shocking/Unlikely/Absurd Things That Exist in Melbourne (of which there are MANY, god bless this city): a hands-on street art class!

I had no idea this was a thing until App Guy gifted me with a voucher for Christmas.

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