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Annual Recap

2013 was a banner year for me in terms of travel. I spent just under half of the year traveling abroad, what with my 5 months in Asia (aka the impetus behind this here blog), brief stint in London, and quick jaunt to Montreal.

New York

My undying love for the Christmas season will forever be one of life’s unsolved mysteries. For someone who considers herself nonreligious and nontraditional, it’s downright remarkable how devoted I am to this holiday.

great jack-o-lantern blaze
New York

I’ve done the halloween parade, gone apple picking, visited the county farm, done a corn maze, gone wine tasting, carved pumpkins, and leaf peeped. In fact, I’ve done most of these things multiple times and they’re still fun – but what’s a semi-jaded New York City dweller to do to jazz up her fall and pretend like the inevitable god-awful winter is not upon us?