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I’m not sure exactly how Southern Italy made its way onto my meticulously-planned 5 week itinerary, but I wanted to do something a little off the beaten path. So much of the good stuff in Italy is very much ON the beaten path, and rightfully so – and as a result, it’s fairly easy to get to.

london england

Now that I’m mostly done sharing my adventures from 5 months in Asia, it’s finally time to move on to the 2.5 weeks I spent in London. GET PSYCHED!

First, let’s talk logistics.

lake maggiore

When you picture Switzerland, what comes to mind? Mountains. Snow. Skiing. CHEESE. Am I right?

My first trip there in 2004 confirmed this preconception, as we spent a winter day in the ski town of St.


I don’t have fuzzy, happy memories of the couple days I spent in Amsterdam in 2010 – and no, it’s not because I refrained from indulging in the “coffee shops” there!

stockholm cafe

With several trips to Europe under my belt, a few years ago I felt like it was time I made my first foray into Scandinavia. A big chunk of my ancestry is from Sweden and Norway, so you know – it had to happen.

copenhagen rainbow

My Danish friend Jasmin probably didn’t expect me to RSVP to the invite for her 30th birthday party in bumblef*ck, Denmark in 2010. But I thought hey, it’s been awhile since my last Europe trip (and by awhile, I mean 2 years).

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