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Many travelers bypass Milan and surrounds and make a beeline toward the more touristy parts of Italy. But to do so is to miss out on one of the most brilliant regions in all of Europe.

Infiorata in Spello, Italy

My 5 week backpacking trip around Italy in 2007 was my first major solo travel endeavor. I researched and planned like mad and more or less threw myself into a foreign land without a second thought.

amalfi coast hike

Now’s about the time I pat myself on the back for having my trusty analog journal to keep diligent track of my every move and thought during my 5 weeks traveling solo in Italy in May/June 2007.


There aren’t enough fingers on my hands to count all of the beautiful places I saw when I did my 5-week solo backpacking trip through Italy in 2007.

But I have to reserve one for Capri, that mythical island just off the mainland from Sorrento and Naples.


Towards the end of my 5 week backpacking trip through Italy in 2007, I did some trekking in the northwest and then high tailed it to the border of France. As tempting as it was to cross into another country, I decided to save France for another trip.


I’m not sure exactly how Southern Italy made its way onto my meticulously-planned 5 week itinerary, but I wanted to do something a little off the beaten path. So much of the good stuff in Italy is very much ON the beaten path, and rightfully so – and as a result, it’s fairly easy to get to.

st. peter's basilica

You see pictures, you hear about its greatness… but you can’t fully appreciate St. Peter’s Basilica until you experience it in person. It is such a stunning piece of architecture.

I backpacked (er, suitcased) around Italy for 5 weeks after graduating from Cornell University in 2007.